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Business Owners' Wisdom Hardcover

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Business Owners' Wisdom by Brett Kelly

Business Owners' Wisdom is the fourth book by Brett Kelly featuring stories from sixteen remarkable entrepreneurs.


Inside Business Owners' Wisdom

Brett Kelly interviews some of Australia’s most successful business owners, uncovering how they started out, the challenges they faced as their companies grew, and how they overcame them.

What emerges is that there are common philosophies, values and practices that underpin success. These include an indomitable self-belief, resilience in the face of setbacks and a hunger to deliver a better customer experience, irrespective of the product or service.

You will also discover the following:

• The business strategies that have taken business owners to the top

• The personal journeys that led to some of Australia’s most iconic brands

• The lessons learned and the opportunities seized as businesses were built

• How successful people balance their business and personal


Enrich your life and peek the introduction.




Australian Business Owner's Include:

Brett Blundy
BB Retail Capital

Bill Bridges
Ballard Property

Mike Cannon-Brookes

Mark Carnegie
M H Carnegie & Co

Nicola Cerrone
Cerrone Jewellery

Lorna Jane Clarkson
Lorna Jane Active Wear

John Cutler
J H Cutler Pty Ltd

Collette Dinnigan
Collette Dinnigan

James Erskine
Sports & Entertainment Limited

Matt Moran
Aria Restaurant

Imelda Roche
Roche Group

Andrew Simmons
Vision Personal Training

James Stevens
Roses Only

Peter Stutchbury
Peter Stutchbury Architecture

Harry Triguboff
Meriton Group

Tom Waterhouse



Book Details

Publish Date: 2012
ISBN: 9780980776522 
Book Formats: Hardcover


Discover more about
Brett Kelly

Brett has received a number of awards for his work and is the Founder and CEO of Kelly Partners Chartered Accountants, the leading ASX-listed accounting firm for private business owners in Australia. Brett also operates as the Co-Chief Investment Officer of Kelly+Partners Investment Office.

He is intensely interested in people from all walks of life and has presented to more than 200,000 people nationally. Brett is also a voracious reader, researcher, traveler and sports fan. He lives in Sydney, Australia, with his wife Rebecca and three children.

Brett Kelly is the author of best-selling books Collective Wisdom (1998), Universal Wisdom (2005), Business Owners’ Wisdom (2012), and a practical pocketbook on managing personal finance, Your Money, Your Choice.